About the Center


The Research Center of the University of Afghanistan was established in 2014. The purpose of establishing this center is to produce and present useful and practical knowledge for the Afghan scientific community. This would help to take firm steps in theorizing and theory making in the field of International Relations and Political Science. Therefore, by publishing scientific and specialized books, holding scientific seminars and publishing a scientific-research quarterly in the field of “diplomacy and international studies”, this center tries to have an active and valuable contribution in building theories of International Relations.


Producing and promoting the knowledge to achieve sustainable development.


Focusing on research, producing the scientific materials, publishing scientific-research articles, publishing specialized books, holding scientific seminars and collaborating with domestic and foreign scholars to make grounds for theory making in social science.


  • Participating in the establishment of intellectual circles with scientific centers
  • Getting and implementing the research projects
  • Participating in designing and planning the national programs
  • Establishing the theorization chairs
  • Establishing and coordinating the interaction between the University of Afghanistan and leading research centers in the region and the world

Core Values

As this center tries to produce the knowledge for the development of Afghanistan, the core values are as follows:
  • Ethical attitude toward science and its production;
  • Non-discrimination in providing scientific services to the country;
  • Concentrating on social responsibilities and responding to the needs of society;
  • Establishing the network with other academic institutions based on understanding, participating and effective interaction