Diploma in English Language

Diploma in English Language

The educational system of this institute is based on the TOEFL iBT Test which is comprised of six semesters. Each semester lasts 45 days to be completed, taking 9 months to graduate. Students will receive an English Accomplishment Diploma at the end of this course. The curriculum designed for this system includes six essential parts which are: Grammar, Vocabulary, Reading, Speaking, Writing, and listening. All these parts are taught professionally and separately, so that all students will able to solve their problems in the so called sections.

Duration: 9 months

Total hours: 198

Tuition: 1,500 AFN per a one-and-half-month semester

Test book payment: 200 AFN

Entry: 200 AFN

By hiring experienced professors, using modern educational system and providing teaching facilities, Afghanistan Institute of Higher Education is trying to train the future generation of Afghanistan more professional, committed and well educated.