Faculty of Law and Political Science

Based on a document with a serial number (68) and registration number (144), the Faculty of Law and Political Science of AIHE was established with the official permission of the Ministry of Higher Education on 12/07/2012 and operates in accordance with the legal criteria of the Ministry of Higher Education.


Transforming the Faculty of Law and Political Science of AIHE as the best and most effective faculty in terms of production of scientific-related texts and training of elite cadres in Afghanistan and the region.


This faculty tries to have a decent contribution in developing the science of law, political science, international relations and to educate the top students in society. By producing the legal and political scientific texts according to the needs of society, this faculty wants to play a pivotal role in developing the human rights values based on human dignity and eliminating any discrimination in terms of gender, religion, and legal.


Respecting religious sanctities

Quality and beauty

Freedom of expression

Gender equality

Commitment and honesty

Combating religious, sectarian, ethnic, and racial discrimination.

Organization and Manpower

The faculty has three departments (Law, Development Studies, and International Relations and Diplomacy). Having 67 specialized and committed professors owning doctoral and master’s degrees from the most prestigious universities in the region and the world, this faculty is ready to train a professional and committed future generation.

The education system

By using modern educational experiences, the AIHE implements the credit system with the characteristic of the active and student-centered method. Each credit corresponds to 16 teaching hours in one semester. According to the rules of the Ministry of Higher Education, the bachelor’s degree course is 136 credits, and based on its specialized curriculum, the AIHE holds 137 credits. In the credit system, the student can choose from 17 to 21 credits in each semester.

Admission requirements

To admit the students, the University of Afghanistan organizes a special entrance exam twice a year (spring and autumn in two times day and night).

Those talented youths in the country who have successfully completed the twelfth grade and carry the certificate that has been approved by the Ministry of Education can participate in the entrance exam of the AIHE and if successfully passed the exam and the following interview would be able to apply for registration to continue their education.

Fees Structure 

The AIHE has always strived to provide equal access to higher education for all. The institution provides special discounts, fellowship, and scholarships for those individuals who lack financial resources.


Exam Fees Fees per semester Fees per semester after discount First installment Second installment Third installment Dissertation expense
1000 18000 14400 for male and 10800 for females 50% from total fees in starting of semester 25% from total fees before starting the midterm exam 25% from total fees before starting the final exam 14000


Note: The content of this table is not permanent and subject to change according to the need of the AIHE.

By hiring experienced professors, using modern educational system and providing teaching facilities, Afghanistan Institute of Higher Education is trying to train the future generation of Afghanistan more professional, committed and well educated.