The library of Afghanistan Institute of Higher Education (AIHE) was launched at the same time as the establishment of AIHE itself in the fall of 2012 and has a reading room and a computer room equipped with high speed internet, which is available to dear students. In total, the library has about 3,000 books in various disciplines (International Relations, Development Studies, Law, Security Studies, Political Science, Sociology, Regional Studies, International Law, Theology and Islamic Studies). Except on holidays the library is open from 8 am to 8 pm.


Library membership

Library membership is allowed for the following individuals:

1-AIHE’s permanent and contractual professors: by presenting a valid identity card and completing the membership form with two photos (membership of these individuals is renewed annually)

2-Students of the AIHE: Presenting a valid student card of the university, completing the membership form with two photos (the membership validity of these individuals is until the end of their studies in the same level)

3-Students of other universities and educational institutions (by presenting a student card and introduction letter from the relevant university or educational institution)

4-AIHE’S staffs

Regulations for sampling and reproduction of library materials

1-Any reproduction and sampling of library materials is subject to obtaining written permission from the librarian

2-Any reproduction and sampling of dissertations and thesis up to 10 pages is allowed and more than that is prohibited.

Other terms and conditions

1-Before entering the library, the clients should put his / her extra tools and books in a special cupboard provided for them in the entrance.

2-Any eating and drinking inside the library is prohibited

3-The study should be done individually, talking and discussions are prohibited (exams are excluded from this)

4-It is not allowed to dislocate the equipment of the study hall and if necessary it should be carried out with coordination of librarian

5-It is necessary to maintain discipline, observe silence, and try take care of books and library equipment while using them

6-Unauthorized use of other members’ cards will be subject to fines and the