In The Name Of Almighty Allah

The world today is complex and multidimensional from different perspectives. This multi-dimensional space has created new concerns and worries among the citizens of the world. Out of many, we can outline four of them that are raised at the 2015 Davos World Summit: continuing growth and stability in national and regional economies, enhancing cooperation in the shadow of crises, communities’ security enhancement, and ways of innovation in the industry.

In the meantime, in addition to the above four issues, there is another particular concern that a country like Afghanistan is facing with, and that is the “valueless of knowledge”. However, in today’s world, the relationship between science and progress is immutable. Therefore, the scientific community of the country shall design and establish a “knowledge-based economy”, in which the development and progress should become an epistemological matter.

Understanding such a mission and responsibility, Afghanistan University has entered into the field for providing scientific, educational, and research services. Therefore, the most important role of this scientific institution is: implementation of the fundamental slogan of this university, namely “Transformation of knowledge, transformation of Afghanistan”; make the knowledge efficient and problem-solving; Specializing the knowledge; Non-commercializing of education and in a way commercializing the research; educating plus building the scientific personality; Transforming research and scientific work as a source of income; planning to make the University of Afghanistan the scientific hub of the country in the disciplines of international relations, development studies and other fields that have an international aspect.

Keeping in mind this great responsibility, I enumerate the most important values ​​of the University of Afghanistan:

  1. Fostering talents and strengthening creativity and innovation in science.
  2. Preserving of human dignity by relying on his truth-seeking, rational, science-seeking, and free nature.
  3. Encouraging freedom of thought, exchange of constructive opinions in the scientific environment of the university.
  4. Honoring science and scientists and respecting (legal and moral) intellectual and scientific achievements.
  5. Believing in science and knowledge which bring perfection, empowerment, creating the wealth, and in line with Afghanistan’s development needs.
  6. Creating a fundamental scientific transformation, especially in the social sciences and in the framework of the Islamic worldview.
  7. Participating and taking responsibility in the scientific community and its related areas.
  8. Breaking the border of science and moving within the border of world knowledge
  9. Becoming the scientific hub of the country in the discipline of international relations and other disciplines related to international affairs, first to the national level and then to the regional level.
  10. It is hoped that by transforming the knowledge structures and methods of education and research, we will be able to use this little but scientific “Afghanistan” in the service of the progress and glory of the great and historic “Afghanistan”.

Dr. Faramarz Tamanna

President of Afghanistan University

(+)93 798-508-508
Afghanistan Institute of Higher Education Institute,Qala-e-fatullah, Kabul, Afghanistan