In the name of God, the Wise and the Mighty

Since its establishment in 2012, the AIHE has defined a heavy vision and mission for itself. The AIHE strives to shine as a prominent university at the national and regional levels in the near future and tries to practice its duty in the development and progress of Afghanistan by training specialized and committed staff. To this end, and to this day, it has not spared any effort to realize its vision and mission.

Afghanistan, as a developing and war-torn country, has suffered a lot in various areas and needs comprehensive reconstruction. Although much commendable work has been done in the area of ​​nation-building and infrastructure reconstruction since 2001 but further prosperity and development of Afghanistan requires more and more efforts. In the meantime, in order to successfully completing the development and prosperity stages, it is necessary to pay attention to the education and higher education sector.

There are universities that train the expert generation and deliver the efficient workforce to the community and society. In Afghanistan, in the last decade, which I call the decade of the emergence and expansion of private universities, private higher education institutions have emerged and, along with public universities, have played a pivotal role in educating the younger generation. In this decade, universities and higher education institutions have experienced quantitative growth and may have neglected to pay attention to quality.

Now that the decade of prosperity and trimming of private higher education institutions is started, it is necessary to mention a few points: First, universities must provide a more suitable platform for educating the young generation of the country by relying on quality and healthy competition. second, in the trimming decade, universities cannot act as an isolated island from society, but in close connection with society shall offer constructive solutions to its problems. Third, in this decade and in addition to relying on effective and efficient, universities should also consider research as an important principle and deliver research-aware graduates to the community.

Fourth, in this important and vital period, in addition to training the critical generation, universities should establish close ties with industry and the market and try to be entrepreneurs themselves offering efficient educational products to their applicants. Fifth, higher education institutions should try to move beyond the traditional one-dimensional (teacher-centered) education system and transform themselves by emphasizing teacher-student-centered education. Six, culture and the cultural system in our society have suffered a lot, and universities, as cultural institutions, should pay special attention to the reconstruction of culture in society.

I hope that in th6e shadow of peace and tranquility, the country’s private higher education sector be able to successfully fulfill its duties and responsibilities, and I am confident that the AIHE, with its professional and caring staffs, will be become one of the esteemed university at the national and regional level and will achieve its predetermined goals as soon as possible.

Dr. Sharif Hozoori

Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

(+)93 798-508-508
Afghanistan Institute of Higher Education Institute,Qala-e-fatullah, Kabul, Afghanistan