Postgraduate Registration Guidlines

Applicants for the post graduate program must have a bachelor degree in the related discipline. If applicants apply to the non-related course, their admission depend on approval of the AIHE’s board of master program. However, prerequisite courses are required for this group of candidates. To get enrolment, all candidates are required to pass the entrance exam and exclusive interview successfully.

The AIHE conduct the master program entrance exam once a year and if necessary twice a year at the beginning of each spring and fall semester. The beginning of the first semester of the master program will be end of March or first of September, and the entrance exam will be held one month before the beginning of the semester and with prior announcement. Candidates’ applications along the required documents must be submitted to the reception office of AIHE one month before the exam.

Fees Structure

Entrance exam fees Semester fees Fees for perquisite courses
3000 89000 15000

Admission requirements

  1.  Complete the AIHE’s registration form and the form provided by National Examination Authority
  2.  Undergraduate degree in one of the social sciences
  3. Average scores of at least 65% in undergraduate level
  4. Copy of degree and transcript
  5. Four photographs (3 × 4) with white background
  6.  Copy of national identity card (tazkira)