TOEFL Classes

This training course is intended to prepare students for scoring their dream score in TOEFL iBT test. This Course includes all four skills (Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing) and relevant strategies to make sure that the students get the highest possible score.

During this course, students will be provided two MOCK tests which will acquaint them with the format of the real test.

Duration: 2 months

Total hours: 36

Tuition fee: 6,000 AFN

Initial registration: 200 AFN

Class material: Free

Special Conversation Classes:

This course is designed to strengthen and improve the oral communication ability of students, which is comprised of structures, Vocabulary, Expression, and so on. At the end of this, course students will have the ability to communicate fluently and accurately.

The curriculum: Idioms, Vocabulary, Videos, Listening, Grammar, Pronunciation, Debate, Presentation, and Discussion.

Duration: 4 months

Total hours: 88

Monthly Tuition: 1,500 AFN

Entry: 200 AFN

Text book and class material: Free

Special Writing Classes

This course is designed to build the written skill of students. In this course, all students will be familiar to the rules and format of writing in English Language.

Pre-writing, paragraph writing, paragraph formatting, process of writing, kinds of paragraph, essay writing, kinds of Essay, CV writing, Email writing, and so on.

Duration: 4 months

Total hours: 88

Monthly Tuition: 1,500 AFN

Entry: 200 AFN

Text book and class materials: Free

Accounting Classes:

Besides all other courses, this institute has the honor of having professional Accounting classes and many other helpful software Such as: QuickBooks, Basic Accounting, and many more.

By hiring experienced professors, using modern educational system and providing teaching facilities, Afghanistan Institute of Higher Education is trying to train the future generation of Afghanistan more professional, committed and well educated.