Students’ Seminars

The first student seminar of the current academic year was held on May 22, 2021, in the Behrouzian Conference Hall of the University of Afghanistan.

Mr. Hasibaullah Shahin, Ms. Breshna Ezzatyar and Mr. Marijan Mohammadi, shared the results of their research on peace with students and audiences.

First, Ms. Ezzatyar discussed the nature of peace and the position of the youth in the Afghan peace process and said: “Although the youth have an important role in all societies but in Afghanistan, this role was defined minimum.”

Then Mr. Shahin addressed the challenges in front of peace process at four levels and considered the “lack of internal and regional consensus as the most important ones”.

Mr. Mohammadi also presented a solution to the challenges and said: “Peace is possible when we reach a common policy at the domestic level and then build and pursue a comprehensive regional plan in coordination with regional and global powers.”

The program was organized by the Research Center of the University of Afghanistan with the aim of developing and strengthening student skills as well as students’ greater interaction with international issues.